Line Frequency Analyzer

CPTraf for Windows: The best solution for Line Frequency analysis and monitoring

CPTraf Line Frequency Analyzer measures the power system frequency and its rate of change (RoCoF), with very high accuracy.

The CPTraf Line Frequency Analyzer is based on an intelligent module with a microcontroller and powerful software that analyzes the data acquired in real time. The complete system consists of the following elements:

  • CPTraf FPMU: Measurement Module. Measures frequencies, voltages and phasors. Uses GPS for timing information.
  • CPTraf WCP:Control Panel, Graphic Interface Software, recording and signal analyzer software.
  • CPTraf WMS:Master Station, software that receives data from CPTraf systems, file manager, remote control and real time trend recorder. Measures and logs phase differences between remote CPTrafs.

Multiple functions in a standalone equipment:

  • Line Frequency Recorder.
  • Paperless chart recorder – Trend recorder.
  • Frequency Disturbance Recorder.
  • Frequency Monitor.
  • Communication with Master Station - Multiple CPTraf analyzers report to a single or various Master Station PCs, concentrating the frequency and phasor information of the electric power system.


  • Real Time supervision of Line Frequency.
  • Auxiliary aid for frequency regulation in power plants.
  • Frequency and RoCoF relays and load shedding behaviour supervision.
  • Aid for power fault analysis.
  • Real time system stability verification and swing detection by the use of phase measurements between distant locations.
  • Performance verification of frequency and df/dt relays - load shedding behavior
ISO TÜV ID: 9105064505